Application Not Responding Windows 11 [ How to Fix ] App Hanging ??? |

When Application Not Responding on Windows 11 then there could be compatibility problem comes up most of the time. 

How to Fix Application Not Responding Windows 11 ?

Step 1 : Click on Start icons.

Step 2 : Open Settings > Click on Settings.

Step 3 : Scroll it Down and click on troubleshoot.

Step 4 : Now click on other troubleshooters.

Step 5 : Scroll it down and find the program Compatibility Troubleshooter.

Step 6 : Click on Run.

Step 7 : Now you will get the list of applications.

Step 8 : In Program Compatibility Troubleshooter select your Application.

Step 9 : After selecting click on Next.

Step 10 : Now Select Try recommended settings.

Step 11 : It will show you the problem you have with the program.

Step 12 : Select test the program and click Next.

Step 13 : If your problem is solved then click on Yes, save settings for this program.

Step 14 : It's fixed.


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